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Accelerating the
next generation of visionary leaders.

Introduction to HPOs - MSK
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Startup yourself, disrupt your company.

In today’s era of exponential change, the leadership capacity of an individual is increasingly essential to an institution’s dexterity, ability to innovate and remain relevant into the future. The pitfalls of ignoring the need for these skills leads to loss of opportunity and competitiveness, along with increased redundancy and inefficiency. Intrapreneurship is a methodology for crafting and executing low-cost, high-impact strategies to accelerate systemic change within institutions.  Entrepreneurial employees are able to take advantage of megatrends such as the rise of exponential technologies, the science behind productive workplaces, globalization, human-centered design and many others – to build organizational capacity and accelerate new ventures.

Program Overview

  • Overview of Social Intrapreneurship

  • Training / Communication / Tools

  • Developing Corporate Strategy

  • Advancing Innovation Ventures

Program Outcomes​​

  • Accelerate your capacity to achieve results as a leader of a High Performance Team

  • Firmly grip entrepreneurial literacies such as Lean Startup, Human Centric Design and Movement Making as well as co-design and co-creation

  • Build courage and attitude for learning and growth through low risk, high-impact strategies

  • Become purpose-driven and lead from an inspired vision

  • Meet the global Intrapreneurial ecosystem and learn where to turn to for support and community

  • Foster personal resilience to respond intelligently to a VUCA world

  • Push the boundaries of what is possible withinyour organisation

  • Setup and enroll a network of Changemakers, to rally around your cause.

  • Empower changemakers with steps to disrupt company culture.

  • Produce transformational companywide Hack-a-thons.

  • Implement steps to disrupt your company.

  • Embed an ecosystem-orientation towards disruptive innovation.

Program Format

  1. World Changing (5 Major Phase Shifts)

  • Millennialism: Rising demographics

    • Core Beliefs – key stats (IBM)

  • Capitalism Industrialism to the Knowledge Economy

    • New Communism where we have abundance

  • Resource Scarcity – fundamentals for life water food and shelter

  • Implications on Humanity of Exponential Technology 

    • New forms of everything! currency, creativity, business, communications, romance, resource procurement, manufacturing, management, democracy  

2. Implications on Leadership / Future of Work / New Literacies

3. Lean Startup

4. Design Thinking

5. Entrepreneurship 101 – TRIMTAB / coalesce

6. Intrapreneurship 101 - how to change your organisation

7. Frameworks for Change

  a Theory of Change

  b Movement Making - Power of Pull/Community                  Management

  c Habitualizing behaviors (productive workplaces)

8. Changemaker soft skills 101

9. Close - The Future of YOU

 Personal Accelerator


  1. Overview Company-Specific SLT HPT Journey - 60

    • Strategic Imperatives - Why HPT (10)

      • Executive Commentary​

    • ​​History and Critical Incidents of SLT development​

      • Executive Commentary (30)

        • Insights and Applications​​​​

        • Video Learnings & Interviews

    • SLT Leadership Vision Statement (5)

      • Values and Behaviors​ (10)

    • Application Exercise​ 2 

      • Self-Assessment, HPT behaviors (15)

    • Reflection and Feedback with peer 

  2. Operating Principles of a HPT

    • Intro?

    • Revisit HPT Characteristics​ (5)

    • Behaviors of a HPT

      • Candor

      • Receptivity and Openness

      • Building and Sustaining Trust

      • Engaging in Tough Issues

      • Meeting Management​

  3. Role of a Team Leader​​

    • Intro to HPT Leadership

      • Skills of an HPT Leader​

    • Creating a Productive Environment

    • Maintaining Team Alignment​

    • HPT Facilitation 

      • Team Member Engagement 

      • Process Observation​s

      • Procedural Suggestions

    • Assessing Teamwork​

    • Giving Feedback

    • Managing Resistance

  4. Role of a Team Member

    • Team Roles and Expectations

      • Team Member Behaviors

    • Levels of Accountability

    • Maintaining Functional Alignment

  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration

    • Intro to Matrix Management

    • Roles and Expectations

      • Team Leader​ / Facilitator

      • Team Member

      • Sponsor

    • Assessing Interdependencies 

    • Building Support for Functional Charters

  6. Conclusion

Content Areas:

  • Journey of senior team to become a high performing team.

  • HPT Principles and Models

  • History and Critical Incidents in the Senior teams journey (video of leaders speaking and reflecting)

  • Values / behaviors of the senior leadership team

  • Embedding language

  • Cross functional teams

  • Senior Leadership Team as first cross-functional team in organization

  • Finding the right level of interdependence what's right for our organization?

  • Key issues to manage in a matrix organization

  1. Authority and governance

  2. Leadership

  3. Roles and autonomy

  4. Accountability

  5. Decision Making

  6. Communication

  7. Aligning stakeholders

Content Areas:

This is the content



+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ HPT to HPO Accelerator

+ Lake Forest Elementary

+ Village Elementary

+ Watkins Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Silver Lakes Elementary


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